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FirstClass Sync Services for Android

FirstClass SYNC Services Configuration Setup for Android

IMPORTANT: Your site has to be running the Sync Services for this to work. Contact your FirstClass admin or tech department to find out.

Config the Android for Sync Services (new device set up) --> Android Menu --> Account Settings --> Accounts & Sync --> Add Account (make sure background data is selected and Auto Sync is selected on) --> Enter your email address & PassWord for the FirstClass server. Do not select SSL if it is an option. (click next) --> Enter Server domain or IP (note this may be a special server domain/IP than normally used for the FC Clients) (click next) --> Turn on Calendars and contacts if desired. Turn off all mail function as you will use imap for mail sync or you will use the FirstClass Mobile App for a better mail experience. (click next) --> Name your account (optional) --> Finished

*note - settings may be a little different depending on the version of Android you are running. The manufacture of the phone may also have restrictions or changes. Android is pretty fractured with all their different devices released with the different Android OS versions that are released with them. This may lead to different settings and limitations. That noted, the above instructions should be a really good guide to get your Android device up and running.

Make sure the domain or IP is correct. Normally this is where any issues are.
Make sure the domain is pointing proper to the IP address. (if there is a special one for syncing?)
Make sure SSL is turned off.

I highly recommend to use the Android Mobile App for mail/email and conference functions. To do this, make sure to turn off the mail and contact syncing functions for syncing, skip the imap setup for mail and use the FirstClass Mobile App.

(update - we took down the android screeshot images due to changes in all the different Android OS versions. It was a little confusing for some of our customers. The above set up instructions should lead you though the configurations well)

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