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Configuring FirstClass with a Blackberry

Important Notice:
As of June 2017, Common World Inc. will no longer be selling or supporting FirstClass. Starting July 2017, our service contracts will not support FirstClass Servers or any FirstClass Solution. We will be pushing new communication software and solutions for our clients and customers that best fit their needs. We have already started writing plans and roadmaps for our current RA Customers that will replace FirstClass with other software and services.

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Configuring FirstClass with a Blackberry

Configuring FirstClass email with a Blackberry
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FirstClass and the Blackberry make an excellent combination. By integrating the Blackberry with FirstClass, you can ensure that you will get your messages instantly, no matter where you are. Since FirstClass provides excellent support for standards-based messaging as well as powerful server-based rules, there is no requirement for additional software such as the Blackberry Enterprise Server.

In order to integrate FirstClass and the Blackberry, there are two components which must be configured: Your FirstClass account, and the Blackberry Web Client. Once these two components are configured, the Blackberry and FirstClass will work together seamlessly with no ongoing maintenance required. Note that no configuration at all is required on the actual Blackberry device.

One important thing to note is that the email address of the Blackberry does not have be the same as your standard email address. In fact, it is recommended that you use a fairly generic email address for your Blackberry (for example, instead of you might choose ). Note that this will not affect the address show on mail you send.

To configure your Blackberry for use with FirstClass, follow these instructions:

Configuring Your Blackberry Email Address

1.  The first thing to do is to configure an email address for your Blackberry and ensure that your Blackberry is able to send and receive email. To do this, use the Blackberry Web Client web site to login with your Blackberry UserID and Password established at training.
2.  Select Create a BlackBerry Device Email Address.
3.  Once you have created the account and are logged in to the Blackberry Web Client, you should send a test message from FirstClass to the Blackberry and then reply to that message from the Blackberry. This will ensure that the Blackberry email is correctly configured.

Configuring FirstClass to Work With the Blackberry
In order for FirstClass to work seamlessly with the Blackberry, you must configure FirstClass to automatically forward all messages to the Blackberry when they arrive in your FirstClass mailbox.

Step One: Configuring FirstClass to Send Mail to the Blackberry
1. log in to FirstClass
2. right-click your MailBox, select Rules
3. click File, click New, select Advanced Rule
4. enter "Redirect to Blackberry" in the "Name" field
5. select "Always" in the drop down select menu in the "If" section
6. select "Redirect" in the drop down select menu in the "Then" section
7. enter your email address in the field to the right of "Redirect"
8. click the "Save" button
9. click File, click New, select Advanced Rule
10. enter "BCC from Blackberry" in the "Name" field
11. select "The Internet Header" in the drop down select menu in the "If" section
12. select "Return-Path" in the drop down select menu to the right of "The Internet Header"
13. select "contains the phrase" in the drop down select menu to the right of "Return-Path"
14. enter your email address in the field to the right of "contains the phrase"
15. select "Set Icon" in the drop down select menu in the "Then" section
16. click the icon to the right of "Set Icon" and select your desired icon
17. click the "+" button on the top right of the "Then" section
18. select "Stop rule processing" in the drop down select menu
19. click the "Save" button
20. drag the "BCC from Blackberry" rule ABOVE the "Redirect to Blackberry" rule
21.  You should then test this rule by sending a message from the Blackberry to another user (not yourself). A copy of the test message from the Blackberry should arrive momentarily in your FirstClass mailbox.

Blackberry AstraSync Setup
Blackberry AstraSync
FirstClass(R) Blackberry AstraSync readme for Windows

The key fields that are required to be filled in for proper operation with FCSS are described below:

1.  AstraSync is a subscription based platform which will require annual renewal.  To download and install the client, use your device web browser and go to:
2.  Enter your license key or register for a key.
3.  Choose Over the Air Download and Install
4.  Configure Astrasync Settings as follows:

Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) Settings
UserName: <<Enter Your Network UserID>>
Password: <<Enter Your Network Password>>
SSL:  Uncheck This Box

Sync Settings
Email:  Leave Unchecked
Contacts: Check This Box
Calendar: Check This Box

Sync Schedule Settings
Server Peak Start: 8:00am
Server Peak End: 6:00pm
Peak Days:  Monday - Friday
Peak Check:  5 minutes
Off Peak Check: 30 minutes
Client Calendar/Contact Check: 30 minutes

Calendar Settings
Synchronize only the past two weeks

1.  Once the initial synchronization has taken place, you can log into First Class and select Edit/Preferences/Handheld device.
2.  The first device should be marked as active.
3.  The Unique Identifier and Information fields are populated automatically by synchronization.

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