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Common World inc. Professional Services

For the past few years, Common World Inc has been slowly moving deeper into development and business consulting and away from professinal services. Please note, we are horning all our service contracts and are dedicated to our current customers, but our focus with new clients is business startup consulting.


Common World Inc. provides professional services to school districts, organizations, and small businesses. Services cover: servers, workstations, mobile devices, and other technologies. 

Specializing in productivity and electronic communication in the early 90s, Common World Inc. has provided on- and off-site server maintenance for the FirstClass Communication Server. Full administration and yearly service contracts are available. 

Common World Inc. supports solutions for office/personal productivity, customer/client management, database solutions, mobile connectivity, office workflow, and communication solutions.

Common World Inc. provides professional services for offices running Apple inc. solutions. Common World inc. has provided services of network maintenance, computer maintenance, server upgrades, training, and consulting/guidance in switching to a new Apple computer environment. This includes the Apple Macintosh Computer and iPad/iPhone environment. 

Yearly service contracts, server & computer leasing, remote hosting, and development are available.

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