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For years Rob Rickard of Common World inc. has provided his energetic and useful consulting to schools, organizations, and small businesses. Rob provides consulting at the one-on-one level as well as in group meetings and through public speaking. Rob offers a host of training topics on a variety of software and productivity habits. Each presentation Rob gives is custom built for the needs of that audience. Rob is as entertaining as he is informative and inspiring.
Rob tries not to be a "motivational speaker", but after a couple of hours with him, you can't help but be fired up to be more productive.
Tech Entrepreneur Topics:
Advice from a Tech Entrepreneur: What Makes or Breaks Your Startup
Advice from a Tech Entrepreneur: What Business Skills You Need for Your Startup
Advice from a Tech Entrepreneur: Design it, Brand it, Sell it
How to Build and Give a Killer Presentation: The Pitch (very popular)

Popular Topics on Communicaiton and Productivity:
The Culture of Communication
How Groups Communicate: eCommunicaiton
Collaborative Communication
eMail Management: How to Survive Your Mailbox
eMail Etiquette and Best Practices
Archiving Your World: eMail to Files at the Organizaitonal Level
Your World Online: Let Paper Go
Productivity and Workflow
Killer Features of Killer Software
Google and the Culture of Free Services
Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media (how and when to be social)
FirstClass Communication Server (several topics)

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The vast majority of our presentations are private and not publicly shared. However, the below, kLab presentations we are sharing via web:
Tech Entrepreneur Klab Talks - Rwanda, Africa

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