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Rob Rickard - Advice from a Tech Entrepreneur

Starting 2013, Rob Rickard of Common World Inc., was a resident of Rwanda and a mentor at kLab for Tech Startups. During his time in Africa, he helped several companies design and development software products. With a focus on project planning, design, and the business side of startups, Rob worked with over a dozen teams at kLab; a government funded Co-Working open space for IT Entrepreneurs. kLab is free for Rwandan entrepreneurs and provides a great space to collaborate and start a tech business.

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As an entrepreneur, Rob Rickard of Common World inc. has two decades of experience as a small business owner and tech consultant/developer. These 'Talks' are presentations for the tech entrepreneurs of KLab, focusing on business practices and advice. On request of KLab, these presentations have been shared publicly.

'Advice from a Tech Entrepreneur' is a series of Talks by Rob Rickard for KLab in Rwanda Africa
Talks & Presentations on 'Advice from a Tech Entrepreneurs':

How to Give a Killer Presentation (90min Oct 2013)
Tech Business Plan and Project Plans (60min Oct & Nov 2013)
What_Makes_or_Breaks_a_Tech_Startup pdf file (90min March 6, 2014)
Design it, Brand it, Sell it  pdf file (120min March 20, 2014)
How to Build and a Killer presentation YouTube clips (120min Dec 18, 2014)
Presentations and 'the Pitch' (Jan 7, 2015)
Workshops on 'the Pitch' (Jan 2015)
Development Process and Management for kLab Teams (60min Oct 2016)
Productivity and Development Process - the basics for Rwanda Build Program (July 2017 - The Office)
*Note - not all presentations are listed here


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